Insulated Boots – When You Need Them, We’ve Got Them

Working outdoors in the dead of winter (or in a cold freezer any time of year) can be excruciatingly cold, painful, and not a lot of fun if you don’t have the right clothes and footwear. But if you've got to do it, let us help you out with the footwear portion of your cold weather gear with our insulated line of Avenger Work Boots.

Avenger Work Boots has several footwear styles crafted using Thinsulate brand (3M) insulation so you will always know your toes are in good shape, and not frozen!

A little bit about 3M Brand Thinsulate: Thinsulate micro-fibers are thinner than polyester fibers normally used in clothing, boots and gloves, which allows for a more effective warming result. Like most insulated materials, the gap between the fibers not only reduce heat flow, but also allows moisture to escape.

 The insulation properties are beneficial for retaining some of the heat produced by the body for comfortable warmth, while the moisture produced, evaporates.

The greater number of grams of insulate used, the warmer your feet will be. Avenger Work Boots offer insulated boots with, 200, 400 and 600 grams of Thinsulate insulation, depending on your need, to keep you warm and misery free.

 So, whether you are outdoors in frigid Green Bay, Wisconsin in January, or in the coldest freezer in Miami in July,  Avenger Work Boots has the right boot to fit your needs!

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