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Composite Safety Toes: The New Kid on the Block

Posted by colby mclaughlin on

     While a composite safety toe boots will never replace a steel toe boot, there are a few situations where a composite toe is preferential to a steel toe. The fact that a composite toe cap contains no metal, is the most popular reason why someone would choose a composite safety toe.  There are a few reasons why this would be:


Non Conductive:

     Composite toe boots have significantly better electrical resistance than steel toe boots. If you worker who is regularly around live wires or electricity, composite toe boots are a much safer option as long as the boots are certified EH or Electrical Hazard rated, to be sure you are safe.

Temperature Resitant:

     Metal absorbs heat, meaning your feet will feel colder in cold weather, and hotter in hot weather. Socks can only do so much to assist with this discomfort. So, it is certainly favorable to wear composite toe boots for outdoor work.


     Composite toes are lighter than steel, meaning you’ll expend less energy with each step. Combining our lightweight safety boots with our rebound cushioned insoles, you will be amazed by the comfort of our boots when you are working.

Metal Detectors:

If you work in a location that requires you to pass through metal detectors regularly, composite toe boots won’t set off any metal detectors. Saving you time and embarrassment.

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