ASTM Standards - We’re Lucky to Have Them

You may think safety standards are boring reading, and maybe it's even a waste of time to have these standards at all. Boring reading, maybe, but a waste of time? Not even a little bit!

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) has been around since 1898, starting when a group of engineers and scientists got together to discuss frequent rail breaks and their efforts to standardize steel used in railroad construction to keep train travel safe. That may not seem interesting at first, but consider the plethora of workplace injuries completely avoided due to the standards set by this group of professionals dedicated to your safety. ASTM International, as it is known today, has developed more than 12,000 international standards, many of which are in the Footwear and Clothing categories.

 ASTM sets footwear safety standards for ESD (Electric Static Dissipative), EH (Electrical Hazzard) and I/C (Impact/Compression) to name a few. These testing standards insure that your safety footwear provides the expected protection to keep you safe in tough work environments. The label on the inside of the shoe tongue will provide information regarding safety coverage and peace-of-mind to you and your employer.  You can rest assured, you are protected and all is well.

 So, in the unfortunate circumstance that you should have some incredibly heavy object fall on your foot and you come out unscathed and injury free, with an incredulous look of “Whoa, I got lucky” on your face, thank the ASTM guys and gals. They are really good at what they do so you can be really good at what you do!

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